Saturday, September 10, 2011
Killing me softly
You know how sometimes after you found the perfect being, the one with the ability to make you smile and keep you sane always.. and you think this is enough and that you can be happy forever?
That being this loved is enough and you are content?

Well I beg to differ.

Im well-loved.
Very actually.

My friends, his friends..
They are all evident of it.


Why then do I still feel so empty?

I feel horrid inside because I dont think Im being fair to him.

I mean people around me can see how much he loves me.
They used words like "He's devoted to you.." etc

And though I can see all this right infront of me, I cant believe it completely.

I cant trust at all.

I cant..
Trust that he is different.
Trust that he wont leave.
Trust that he wont give up.

I cant trust and believe in forever.

And this is killing me inside softly.
Him as well.

Im sorry.
_Posted by Cherryl on 12:01 PM - 0CMTS