Monday, March 14, 2011
Caged bird.

Yes I know the decisions I made are more often wrong than right.
Yes I know I will be tremendously hurt and utterly devastated.
Yes I know you are just trying your best to protect me from harm.
Yes I know you've been through all these.
Yes I know you dont want me to make the same mistakes.
Yes I know you dont trust me even more now.
But you are not me.
You dont understand.
You think you know me, but really you dont.
You dont.
Not at all.
And you are choking me. 
So much so, I cant breathe.
I cant talk to you.
Not when you are constantly threatening me.
Why would I pour my heart and soul out to someone who's threatening me?
How do you expect me to do that?
Really, by invoking fear? 
You will only receive answers from me that are very much obliged.
Just give me some space will you?
I know what Im doing.
Even if I will grow to regret them one day, I will be proud of the fact that these are decisions I made for myself.
I am more than willing to face the consequences of my actions.
So just leave me be.
I beg you. 

_Posted by Cherryl on 10:54 PM - 0CMTS