Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Got back my results.
Not happy :/

Bees and Cees only.

On the flip slide, some how I am motivated to work even harder.
I need to.
I must!

I wanna graduate with a gd GPA grade and set off to some far away country for further studies.
Somewhere like the States or Brazil (Heard the ppl there are friendly).

Take up a degree in fashion and business.
Experience a entirely different culture.
Gain upmost freedom.

Explore! Have fun! Eat good food! Make new friends!

New dreams, new goals, new visions for the new year.

It's time to soar to new heights.

To-do List:
1) Plan revisions on all mods
2) Plan university pathway
3) Plan savings

All i need is a little bit of faith
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