Sunday, September 19, 2010
Okay mega pics upload!
When out to mug with Jerry on the 15th~

Say Hi to our GAY ASS MAN(:

Oh not so gay anymore eh~

Then went out with SP on 16th/
Coincidentally bumped into Jace and her friend!

Top to Bottom: Sp and I, Beautiful landscape scenery from Orchard Central, some art exhibition, Jace (:

We catch the movie 'Devil'. Not bad , quite thrilling and interesting story line! Watch out for the twist in the last scene (;

Jace and friend left after the movie so SP and I went back to the Indian Buffet and ate to our heart's content!
I paid only $4! :D

SP brought me to some Japanese Comic Book Store that had a lil chill out cafe~

Hahah check out our I.Cs! OMG SP was reallly HUGE in the past but then he lost tons of weight! 
And he look like AH BENG! O.O

And then we went to CHINATOWN~
So beautiful the decor~ (:
And I FINALLY did my eyebrows~

HAHA he didnt really pinch my cheeks la. 
This guy is such a camwhore. Seriously! Worse than me LOL

Met up with Mel on 18th(sat) for.............
wait for it.........................................


Yeppppp you heard it right yo~
And I had signed up for a mini course for 4 weeks!


So envious over Mel's rosy cheeks! Make her look so pretty (:

After pole-dancing, I went for service.
Jace babe(:

Alright, tht practically sums up what i had been doing these days~
Mucho LOVE,


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