Thursday, August 26, 2010
Went out with Sheryl today!
Had fun chilling and updating each other about our lives.

We chatted for a good 4 hours or so at our usual chilling spot, Marina Square's Macdonalds.
Laughter and joy aplenty!

We will be meeting again tomorrow. Cant wait

Met up my project peeps in the morning to start on our final video project of the module.
All is not done yet and so it will be continued tomorrow.
Or should i say today, since it's already way past 12am.

I am left with less than two weeks till the start of my exams.
Even though only 3 modules are tested, I am feeling alot of burden as Im not exceptionally good in any of them.

Especially, Statistics.

I really need divine help.
I feel like it's too late to start studying and yet I know nothing is too late to start.

Ever felt this way before?

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