Friday, August 27, 2010
Today's Outfit: Bright Yellow Men's Tank Top, Black Jeggings 

Yesterday, with Special Thanks to Zhen Jie, I was able to watch episodes after episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" without the delay of the loading time!

But it is also beacuse of that that I slept at 5.45am in the morning, causing me to oversleep and be almost 3 hours late for my project meeting!

Oooops! TeeeeeHeeeee~

By the time I reached, it was already close to 3pm.
We continue doing our project until 4pm before going for pool with Kun Zi, Zhen Jie and Shawn.

Zhen Jie is our "White Ball King"!
Hahahah i think it's pretty obvious why and so there is no need for any explanation.

But dont look down on him!
He and Shawn are reeeeeeeeally good in pool!
Better than me , considered good.

Anyway after pool, we were famished and so we had mini steam boat for dinner.
I bought the Chicken Combo Set which costs $7.80 and it suck badly.

Cos it was a smaaaall portion and the meat take ages to cook.

I had to meet a girl who's suppose to pass me 2 pairs of shoes I bought from her.
It took her almost 2 months to pass the shoes to me.
It's a looong story, so I wont be going into it.

She was suppose to meet me at Dover Mrt at 6.30pm but last minute, she change it to 8.30pm at Outram Park Mrt.
Coincidentally, Zhen Jie stays in Outram Park and so he offered to wait along with me.

And guess what?
She came at 9.40pm instead.

Mad angry.
But that was not it!

In her blog, she wrote that the shoes are of a larger cut and advised us to get a size smaller than our usual size.
I am a size 37 and so I ordered a pair of size 36 red wedges.

And when I tried wearing the shoes, it was so tight it hurt even when Im not walking.

From the pictures of the shoes posted on her blog, it shows the shoes in a bright red color.
And so i expected that.
But, when I received I was dismayed that the shoes were more maroon than red.

Double ):

Shoes only look bright red when picture is taken with flash.

Both pictures were edited so colors aint true. But i would love for my shoes to be of this color.

I think my fringe is tooooo long! I havent cut my hair in like more than 3 months! O.O
Hahahah sorry off topic.
Talking about loots, here's one of my fave buys from Bangkok!

YAY! A Jack Union Print Wallet! Like finaaaaally~ <3

Oh well, that was my day.


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