Saturday, August 28, 2010
It's Sherling's youngest daughter, Mindy's 1st birthday today.
So part of N362 came over to the celebration.

Isnt she adorable? She looks just like Sher Ling!

I was maaaaaaaaaaaad hungry as I hadnt eaten a single morsel of food at all since the start of the day, so I was definitely more than happy to dig into the scrumptious buffet that had been set up.

Beehoon, Veges, Fish fillet, Curry chicken, Jelly and my Soya drink!
Looks like Im not the only tht was hungry eh? Hehe.
They had posters of Mindy and Macy (Mindy's older sister) 's growth set up in the party!

Arent that awesome? So cute and unique!

Jace came over a lil later than the rest of us.
She brought along her polaroid camera which Im so jealous of la.
But she was so kind to allow me to take a self shot.

Ahahahahah this is expected from a self proclaimed cam whore alright~

It's kinda blur. But it's lovely. Love polaroids~
And then I started taking pictures with everybody ahahahah (:
Jacey and I.

E,J and I. Lol check out his face yo!
My bro and I.
Gwyn and I (:
LaoPa and I. HAHAHAHH he always say he's shy. Where got!
My 'lesbian' partner (:

Soon Peng and I. He damn funny i tell  you~ Hahah always make me laugh like siao!

The TEOS! :D

Well that was my daaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Side note: Thanks Juswin for the salsa chilli potato chips! :D

Like this shot of me best, so im signing off with it :D


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